Growth Hacker

Excited about Virtual Reality and want to define how to grow a VR app?

Excited about virtual reality and love playing poker? Ever wondered how challenging and fun it will be to work on the computing platform of the future? If you answered yes, then read on!

Mega Particle is the company behind Casino VR Poker, the #1 Poker app and one of the most used social applications in Virtual Reality. VR itself is in its infancy. We’re all trying to figure out the best way to build and deliver immersive experiences. You’ll be flying in uncharted space, exploring new dimensions of community development and defining best practices that may well have an impact on the entire industry.


To excel in this unfamiliar territory, you should:-

  • Have experience in starting or managing online communities
  • Be a fan of poker and know the poker users well
  • Can devise a growth and marketing plan
  • Know the basics about business and marketing
  • Know your way around different email marketing and social media platforms
  • Know a bit or two about virality and network effect
  • Be curious to learn about what’s happening in the VR space and how the envelope is being pushed


As our first Growth Hacker, you will be expected to develop and lead different techniques that grow the business. Your role would not have a given function, it will transcend between marketing, public relations, product design, community development. This will involve:-

  • Dissecting and analyzing all consumer touch points
  • Preparing and executing a growth plan
  • Interacting with and learning from our community of thousands of users daily
  • Being in touch with all major VR, Poker and Tech newssites
  • Working side by side with the founders and designers
  • Developing KPIs for your role and growth of the product
  • Having fun

But most of all…

  • Figure out how we as a company can serve our customers better and grow

Do you want to take on this challenge with us? Please send us an email at