Making VR more compelling and social

Mega Particle is building the next generation of social games through virtual reality. Our first product, Casino VR Poker, fast became the most used social application in the medium. Casino VR Poker is a multiplayer poker game available for Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR.



Mega Particle (formerly known as Casino VR Ltd.) was founded in June, 2014 with equal parts love for real life poker and hate for online poker. When we started, we believed that immersive technology is the only way to bring real life poker to every home. Since then, our resolve has only increased. Not just that, but we believe that immersive tech will enable a new wave of social games whose engagement is going to be incomparable to any platform that came before.


Daniyal Munir
Junior Software Engineer
Hamza Siddiqui
Co-founder & CEO
Harris Saleem
Junior Software Engineer
Marco Kobelt
Co-founder & CFO
Mehran Khan
Lead CG Artist
Nauman Khalid
Senior Software Engineer
Shehryar Ali
Lead QA Engineer
Umair Mehmood
Lead Software Engineer

Mentors & Advisors

Adam Draper
4th Generation Venture Capitalist

Joanna Wei
Cofounder of Beijing Makerspace and Venture Capitalist

Ron Erickson
Social games specialist and serial entrepreneur